Sale Statistics & Market Info

Sale Statistics & Market Info

Home Sales 2018

Bodega Harbour

Homes sold   38
Average price   $1,212,334
Average square feet   2340
List price vs. sold price   98.5%
Average days on market   81
Price range   $749,000–$2,025,000

All Other

Homes sold   20
Average price   $714,981
Average square feet   1533
List price vs. sold price   93%
Average days on market   146
Price range   $290,000–$1,495,000

Lot Sales 2018

Bodega Harbour

Lots sold   3
Average price   $268,000
List price vs. sold price   96%
Average days on market   1213
Price range   $205,000–$310,000

All Other

Lots sold   4
Average price   $317,250
List price vs. sold price   97%
Average days on market   432
Price range   $150,000–$480,000

Residential Sales

The Bodega Bay area residential real estate market is primarily made up of 2nd home buyers (85%). These buyers come mostly from the San Francisco Bay Area and the greater Sacramento Valley Area. Many people purchase homes for pure enjoyment, however investors will appreciate the strong vacation rental market, and the cash flows associated with it.

If you’re a buyer looking to relocate into a primary home - Bodega Bay offers the appeal of a small town, yet the convenience of being close to the Bay Area. The schools here are exceptional, the beaches clean and uncrowded, and the area is still free of many of the problems associated with largely populated areas such as crime, pollution and traffic.

The main area for sales in the Bodega Bay area is Bodega Harbour, a unique planned unit development. Other areas include Sereno del Mar, Salmon Creek and Carmet.

Land Sales

The Bodega Bay Area land market is divided into two areas - undeveloped lots within Bodega Harbour or bare land in a more rural setting. Because of the California Coastal Plan, and local general use guidelines, most of the property available for residential and commercial use has already been subdivided into smaller individual lots. However, a few larger ranch properties are available - generally in the $1 million plus range.

Commercial Sales

The Bodega Bay Area commercial real estate market is quite limited with no new developments in the past few years. The restrictive land use controls combined with a water/sewer development moratorium have in effect put a huge damper on commercial potential. However, there are still a few excellent opportunities to be explored and Adams Realty can help you with detailed commercial investment analysis including ROI, and IRR for a number of Sonoma County properties.


There are two types of rentals in the Bodega Bay area - long term or vacation rentals. Adams Realty handles long-term rentals and can refer you to a highly qualified vacation rental company. If you are thinking of buying in the area - renting first is highly recommended if you are unsure about coastal living.